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24 Jan 2012

“Alternative Fuels” apps from Iconosys give you a GPS guide to find refueling locations along your travel routes.

Laguna Niguel, Cailf, January 24, 2011 – Iconosys, Inc., a leader in mobile safety communication and life-style applications, today announces the release of a suite of four new “Alternative Fuels” directory apps, designed to empower you and your family to do your part to fight our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

“Alternative fuels” are vehicle fuels that aren’t made from petroleum. There are many kinds of fuels that vehicles can run on that are not made from petroleum.  Indeed, the United States Department of Energy officially recognizes following list of alternative fuels:

  • Alcohols – ethanol and methanol.
  • Compressed natural gas (CNG) – natural gas under high pressure.
  • Electricity – stored in batteries.
  • Hydrogen – a very special type of gas.
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) – natural gas that is very, very cold.
  • Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) (also called propane) – hydrocarbon gases under low pressure.
  • Liquids made from coal – gasoline and diesel fuel that doesn’t come from petroleum.
  • Biodiesel – a lot like diesel fuel, but made from plant oil or animal fat.

“We must stop our dependence on foreign oil.  It is very encouraging to see our nation embrace energy alternatives to petroleum, and all Americans need to work together to help save our environment,” commented Wayne Irving II, Iconosys CEO and Founder, and creator of the “Alternative Fuels” directory apps. Continued Irving, “Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take your alternative energy-powered vehicle on a road trip (e.g. outside the car’s typical fueling range), with the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where the vehicle’s re-fueling or charging stations would be located, and the critical information that you would plan your exact route.”   

Iconosys’ new Alternative Fuels apps include the following:

  • “Alternative Energy Fueling Directory”™app  which provides essential information for identifying and locating fueling/charging stations;
  • “Where to get Biodiesel” app,

for those users driving vehicles that ordinarily burn diesel fuels;

  • “Where to get NGV” app,

for those users driving vehicles running on CNG, LNG, or LPG; and

  • “My Plug-In Directory”™ app,
    for those users driving vehicles that only re-fuel from electric charging stations.

Iconosys Alternative Fuels features include:

  • Saving you time and money by assisting you in finding the most convenient fueling stations/charging points for your alternative fuel vehicle.
  • Anytime and anywhere, allowing you to search for nearby businesses that provide alternative fuel station locations by zip code, or by simply dragging your desired map location, and providing you specific driving directions to fueling or charging locations in your target area with Driving Directions, website addresses and facility hours and facility phone numbers.
  • All “Alternative Fuel” listings are common among the suite of apps, enabling you to share information with your friends/contacts about other fueling points, and in this way both support other alternative fuel enthusiasts/small businesses and, more generally, assist our nation in its fight to break the dependence on foreign oil.
  • By clicking on the map’s location for other fueling/charging points, you can see the different deals and amenities that each location may be offering to get your business.  For example, do they offer discounts or special deals for other types of shopping (e.g. hot food, coffee, and entertainment?)
  • Adjust the map to reveal the fueling points in a particular target area by simply adjusting a target zip code in the search button.
  • Top roadside assistance numbers, for popular electric and hybrid makes, are conveniently loaded inside the app, in the event you have a highway safety or fueling emergency.


Alternative Fuels Apps is free of charge from the Android Marketplace and also available for download from Adshark’s AppStore AppHysteria™ (www.apphysteria.com.

Observed Mr. Irving, “I hope, along with former President Carter and Vice President Gore and many Americans, that this issue of our over-dependence on foreign oil figures prominently in both the race for the Republican nomination and ultimately in our election of the next president for our United States of America.  Clearly, our nation must address this issue head on and directly, while there is still time to do something about it for future generations.”

About Iconosys, Inc.

Iconosys, Inc., the maker of All I Want From Santa™, DriveReply® and Trick or Tracker® is developing a series of “first of kind“ technologies and technology driven products designed to make mobile applications better, faster, easier, and ultimately, safer to use.

Iconosys proprietary technology, developed with support from Motorola, is a complex series of algorithms and readings from the technology running on today’s Android-based Devices; this includes, without limitation, GPS and other motion sensors, coordinated with Google mapping, to provide a more accurate and responsive set of background services to most, if not all, of the upcoming Iconosys technology releases.

Iconosys has developed and released nearly 1000 Apps for itself and its clients, often in as many as 5 languages.

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