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Update to iblazr Improves Optics by 15%

21 Aug 2013

iblazr adding Reflectors and Developing New Lens

KIEV, Ukraine – August 21, 2013 – The iblazr team hasn’t stopped R&D now that they’ve more than doubled their Kickstarter goal. Today the team shares a change to the product that will improve optics by 15%. Each iblazr, the first fully synced external flash for mobile devices, will now include reflectors. Reflectors added to iblazr will improve optics for a smoother, more even light dispersion, resulting in a more natural looking picture.

”We made a great product, but we continue to look for ways to improve it,” founder Vlad Tislenko said. “Our success on Kickstarter has motivated us to make the iblazr a truly revolutionary product for smartphone photography.”

The iblazr device uses four powerful CREE LED lights that provide light for great photographs. However, the LED lights have a 105 degree light beam, which led to some loss of light inside the device. The iblazr team set out to find a way to use the LED’s to their maximum potential. They found that installing reflectors inside of each iblazr lens allowed all of the light to go straight to the lens. The resulting image has a more natural look and softer edges.

Adding reflectors to the in the optics increased efficiency by 15%. Now 7,073 conventional rays out of 10,000 are getting to the effective zone of illumination versus 5,540. The Lux, the metric unit used to measure the amount of light that hits an object, is improved 10-20%.

Currently, pledges start at $39 for one black or white iblazr (flexible charger included). A premium anodized aluminum iblazr, which is more powerful than the regular model in constant light mode, is available starting at $59. The different pledge levels reach to $300 for a personalized aluminum iblazr.

Estimated delivery on the project is December 2013. Check out a video about the iblazr here.

About iblazr
The concept of capturing high quality images and videos using smartphones and tablets is about to change forever with the launch of iblazr, the world’s first portable and fully synchronized flash for iOS and Android. iblazr promises to be a unique tool for modern day photography with its remarkable capability to improve photo quality. For more information, check out our Kickstarter page and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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