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iblazr Steps into World of DSLR Videography with Addition of Cold Shoe Mount

27 Aug 2013

Smallest LED constant light system for DSLRs and compact cameras

KIEV, Ukraine – August 27, 2013 – Until today the iblazr, a fully synced external flash, was intended only for smart devices. The addition of the cold shoe mount has now opened doors to the world of DSLR and compact camera videography. By inserting the iblazr into the cold shoe mount and attaching it to a camera, users now have a constant light system for shooting images and video that would otherwise be problematic in low-light situations. Check out a comparison video here.

iblazr already had in their hands a small, powerful LED flash. The team created a cold shoe mount, a mount that holds an off-camera flash, to hold the iblazr. With the cold shoe mount, the iblazr can be attached to any DSLR that has video mode and to portable cameras with a hot shoe mount.

“With the cold shoe mount, the iblazr will be the smallest DSLR constant light system on the market,” founder Vlad Tislenko said. “In this case, smallest doesn’t mean least powerful. The iblazr can be compared with a 24 LED constant light system in terms of luminosity. Its small size, high power, iOS and Android synchronization, flexible charger and now additional cold shoe mount makes the iblazr the perfect solution for modern photo and video enthusiast.”

Backers can opt to add the cold shoe mount in new packages: $47 for the plastic iblazr, $67 for the aluminum and $100 for a set (one plastic and one aluminum iblazr) and two cold shoe mounts. iblazr has 6 days left on Kickstarter and has more than doubled their original goal of $58,000.

Estimated delivery on the project is December 2013.

About iblazr
The concept of capturing high quality images and videos using smartphones and tablets is about to change forever with the launch of iblazr, the world’s first portable and fully synchronized flash for iOS and Android. iblazr promises to be a unique tool for modern day photography with its remarkable capability to improve photo quality. For more information, check out our Kickstarter page and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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