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I-MEGO’s Signature Headphones Bring Powerful Audio and Artistic Edge to Modern Music Lovers

7 Aug 2012

I-MEGO THRONE and Walker Junior Headphones

I-MEGO introduces retro-styled THRONE over-ear headphones and travel-friendly Walker Junior noise cancelling headphones

 Austin, Texas – August 7, 2012 – I-MEGO, an illustrious audio accessories manufacturer with a long-standing presence in Europe and Asia, introduces two of their stylish headphones to the United States market for the first time. The THRONE over-ear headphones bring clear sound and a retro style to today’s modern music-lover, while the Walker Junior noise cancelling headphones are an ideal compact travel companion. As with all I-MEGO’s products, these headphones represent the brand’s commitment to high-quality audio, functionality, comfort and artistic design.

“I-MEGO always puts the listener first, designing our products to fit a variety of personalities and needs,” said Matt Altschul, President of US Operations. “We believe the pure enjoyment of life is enhanced by great music. We pair the quality audio experience with superior design to complement any lifestyle.”

Both I-MEGO’s THRONE and Walker Junior headphones feature the brand’s characteristic stellar sound provided by two high performance 40mm drivers. Each also places a premium on style and comfort with genuine leather and memory foam for long listening sessions. For added convenience, The THRONE and Walker Junior headphones include soft carrying pouches as well as adapters to accommodate any audio resource, from synthesizers to airplane armrests.

For the US debut, I-MEGO is introducing two of their most popular models to appeal to a wide range of music tastes and needs:

THRONE: With a look unmatched by any other audio accessory on the market, these eye-catching over-ear headphones have a retro style that suits urban royalty. The THRONE headphones deliver excellent audio that complements any musical identity, from heavy beats to classical crescendos. The THRONE Gold are geared towards big bass for rock, R&B, or hip hop. The THRONE Poison, styled with muted purple and chrome, were built for stand out vocals and acoustics that suit classical or new age music. Additionally, the THRONE headphones include a one-button music control with microphone that allows the listener to take calls or control the music.

Walker Junior: Built for the listener on the go, the Walker Junior Headphones are compact, lightweight and comfortable. Featuring a pivoting headband, these over-ear headphones flex to all of your traveling needs – literally. These noise cancelling headphones fold down to accommodate even the smallest purse, backpack, or luggage. Equipped with a miniature microphone in each earpiece that picks up and erases any outside noise such as traffic and air conditioning systems, the headphones are engineered to create a comfortable listening environment in areas with high ambient noise.

Both the THRONE and Walker Junior headphones are now available at Amazon.com and I-MEGO.com. The THRONE headphones retail for $129.99 and the Walker Junior are $139.99.

About I-MEGO

I-MEGO designs premium headphones that fuse music into the daily routine, providing audio that suits your life – no matter where it takes you. Our headphones merge high-end sound with premium design, functionality, and an artistic edge to compliment individuality and personal style. Each product ranges in design, fit and audio response, so no matter which model you choose, I-MEGO headphones keep your life set to music. For more information about the I-MEGO brand or products, visit www.i-mego.com.


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