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Heatworks MODEL 1X to provide more hot water from existing tanks and solves installation problems with new DOE tanks – Now Available at Lowes

17 Nov 2015

Never run out of hot water again. The MODEL 1X enables homeowners to extend the amount of hot water provided by a tank-type and reduce their total cost of ownership

CHARLESTON, South Carolina – November 17, 2015Heatworks, the creator of a revolutionary water heating technology, announced today the launch of the MODEL 1X, the perfect solution for homeowners who want more hot water or are seeking to reduce the cost and space challenges created by new Department of Energy regulations for water heaters. The MODEL 1X is the perfect complement to any tank-type water heating system in the world.  

“New DOE regulations, focused on energy efficiency, require water heaters that are approximately 30 percent larger, so replacement tanks won’t fit in their old location,” said Heatworks CEO Jerry Callahan. “Homeowners can avoid the renovation costs required to accommodate new, larger tanks by adding the MODEL 1X to a smaller, less expensive tank that fits. Installing the MODEL 1X in series with any upstream tank will provide over 50 percent more hot water. This configuration will eliminate homeowner frustrations that would otherwise result from a smaller tank or the disruptions of renovations.” 

The MODEL 1X and the tank heater cooperate to share the same electrical circuit with no added load.  When the MODEL 1X senses demand for hot water, it shuts off the heating elements in the tank. The warm water from the tank then flows through the MODEL 1X where it is instantly heated to the perfect temperature with high efficiency Heatworks technology. The result is at least 50 percent more hot water with no additional wiring. 


Heatworks uses a patented technology that converts electrical energy into heat using graphite electrodes and the natural impurities found in water. With no heating elements, the MODEL 1X is able to boost water temperature without the rusting and scaling issues that lead to failure in all other water heating systems on the market. Because the MODEL 1X works differently, Heatworks is able to offer an industry-first 12 year full exchange guarantee that substantially reduces homeowners’ total cost of ownership.   

The MODEL 1X is available today for $499 from www.myheatworks.com and www.lowes.com.   

About Heatworks 

Heatworks is the creation of entrepreneur Jerry Callahan, who developed and patented the core technology. Callahan’s breakthrough method provides hot water on demand by converting electrical energy into heat. Callahan’s successful business ventures include Blue Rhino, the world’s leading propane cylinder exchange company. Currently, Callahan is leading a team of heating, technology and plumbing veterans with over 50 patents combined. Heatworks’ technology eliminates all the failure modes of conventional technology, with more features at an economical price. The Heatworks MODEL 1 and MODEL 1X are currently available at www.myheatworks.com. The Heatworks MODEL 1 and MODEL 1X are available at www.lowes.com and the MODEL 1X is available at select brick and mortar stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  




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