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Gomadic Unleashes Most Versatile Solar Chargers To Date, SunVolt and SunVolt Max

12 Dec 2012

Portable solar chargers simultaneously power multiple electronic devices with the speed of a traditional wall-charger

Herndon, VA­–December 12, 2012 – Gomadic, creator of intelligently designed mobile business solutions, launches SunVolt and SunVolt Max portable solar chargers. Unlike typical solar chargers, the powerful and more efficient SunVolt, allows for charging speeds identical to that of a traditional wall charger, while still boasting a portable design. Equipped with multiple charger outputs, users can power more than one electronic device at a time. Now shipping the SunVolt and SunVolt Max are available at www.gomadic.com for $99.95 and $129.95 respectively.

SunVolt and SunVolt Max are engineered with monocrystalline photovoltaic technology to be considerably more powerful than other options on the market. There is no battery required for operation, offering an instant charging experience. The specially crafted power circuit has been carefully designed to ensure power from the sun is converted to usable energy and not wasted on electrical overhead. These solar chargers power any device at 5.5V or less which accounts for most consumer electronics including smartphones, cameras and MP3 players.

By doubling as a lightweight water-resistant carrying case, SunVolt’s intelligently portable design offers maximum traveling capabilities for any type of outdoor activity. It is also equipped with a built in arm-strap, a zipper pouch and inside pockets for all of your devices. Additionally, the custom-designed adjustable “prop” system delivers a quick and easy way to charge virtually anywhere, and ensure optimal exposure to the sun.

The SunVolt and SunVolt Max are packaged with one USB tip which is compatible with most popular devices, and other tips are available for separate purchase.

The SunVolt can power up and product that uses 10 Watts of power; the SunVolt MAX is engineered with a larger panel, and offers 50% more charging power.

“We’re incredibly proud to be introducing such a superior solar panel charging option to the market,” said Don Cayelli, CEO, Gomadic. “Between our multiple ports, microcrystalline exterior, travel-friendly build and most importantly, wall charger-like speeds, we feel confident that we’re breaking barriers and offering customers the ultimate solar charging experience.”

For a full demonstration click HERE.

For more information on the SunVolt and SunVolt MAX, please contact PR Representative Kristen Bean at (305) 374-4404 x123 or at kristenbean@maxborgesagency.com or go to www.gomadic.com.

SunVolt Features:

  • Utilizing sunlight, SunVolt is an ideal solution in a variety of circumstances including: power outages, camping, pool-side, picnicking etc.
  • Intelligently designed to double as a light-weight water-resistant carrying case, users can enjoy the convenience of a zipper pouch, and inside pockets when on-the-go
  • Custom design, easy “prop” system delivers a seamless means of setting up when outdoors
  • Multiple charging outputs are accessible to charge more than one device at a time
  • SunVolt MAX model also available; boasts a larger and more powerful solar panel, providing 50% more charge to power up 3 devices at once


About Gomadic:

Founded by experienced pioneers of the mobile solutions marketplace, Gomadic’s mission is to extend our leadership in the design, development, production, marketing, and implementation of wireless business solutions for global markets: giving economical anywhere/anytime access to critical systems and data for today’s nomadic users.  We deliver excellence through our deep industry experience, patented processes/methodology, strategic partnerships, continued on-site research & development facilities, and a motivated staff of consultants and engineers. Providing innovative solutions that harness the power of today’s wireless technologies is what drives Gomadic’s employees to deliver solutions that empower your mobile workforce with the tools and information they need to be successful.  Please contact us if you would like more information about Gomadic and our mobile business solutions.


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