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Glow in the Dark CURB Launches Just in Time for Halloween

21 Oct 2013

CURB kicks off launch with contest

MIAMI – October 21, 2013CURB, designed by m’s minimal alternative to bulky laptop stands, begins shipping today. Since designed by m introduced CURB a little over a month ago, more than 3,000 pre-orders have been placed. A limited edition glow in the dark CURB was added to the mix just in time for Halloween. Both are available for $16.99 at

The launch kicks off today with a two-week online contest. The grand prize is a MacBook Air, and CURBs will be given to additional winners. Anyone can participate; for details and to sign up visit or designed by m’s Facebook page.

A lightweight triangle-shaped bar that prevents laptops from overheating by raising them off the surface, CURB reduces ambient heat and provides a more ergonomic working position. The triangle shape allows for two different degrees of elevation depending on user preference. A ‘V’-shaped cutout in the middle of the bar provides a slot for the cable, so when the laptop is unplugged, the cable won’t fall to the ground.

CEO Lester Mapp compares CURB to designed by m’s first product, AL13, a barely there iPhone bumper. “Similar to AL13, CURB gives fans a simple, elegant design. It’s a sleek yet affordable alternative to complex stands currently on the market,” Mapp said.

CURB comes in nine colors, including white, dark grey, light gray, pink, black, blue, lime, a limited-edition “believer” green and the limited edition glow-in-the-dark. Made of food-grade silicon, it’s both lightweight and durable. It’s available at designed by m’s website for $16.99; shipping is free both in the US and internationally.

Check out a video about CURB here.

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