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Electrohome’s Retro Clock Radio Styles Nightstands and Upgrades Mornings

4 Aug 2015

Electrohome’s Retro Clock Radio, now available, is a bedside best friend. Its circular, vintage design will dress any room or nightstand, and its useful features, such as motion activated sensors, twin LED lightning bulbs and dual alarm clock options, upgrades the way users wake up in the morning.

Ideal for those sensitive to loud sounds or who have trouble waking up, the Retro Clock Radio provides a calming experience. Its twin LED lights brighten as a user’s wakeup time approaches. The serene and soothing glow creates a peaceful environment, ensuring an energizing start to the day.

The Retro Clock Radio’s motion sensor feature eliminates fumbling and stumbling while looking for a light switch in the dark. Simply waving a hand over the Retro Clock Radio turns on its light bulbs, instantly illuminating any room.  The motion sensor can also be used to activate the snooze button for mornings when users desperately need those extra five minutes.

The customizable digital AM/FM Retro Clock Radio lets users store up to 20 stations, allowing them to quickly tune in to their favorite stations. Additional useful features include four display dimming options, calendar and indoor temperature display, an easily programmable dual alarm with weekend cancelation, the option to wake to buzzer or radio, and convenient sleep and nap timers.

Once plugged into a wall outlet, the Retro Clock Radio will automatically display preprogrammed date and time settings. Integrated SelfSet technology allows users to set up Daylight Savings Time, which conveniently adjusts each spring and fall. A built-in backup battery ensures the alarm will function even through a power outage, and the clock’s WakeUp technology, which keeps alarm settings active, ensures users will sleep soundly knowing they won’t miss a beat.

The Retro Clock Radio is available now for $34.99 at Electrohome.com.

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