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Edifier Launches the Edifier Cares Initiative – Helping Those Who Need It Most

26 Jan 2012

Portion of product sales and a fixed quarterly donation to aid underfunded hospitals and caregivers globally

Ft. Worth, Texas
– Edifier, a leading global designer and manufacturer of award-winning audio speakers, announces the debut of Edifier Cares, a philanthropic effort created to support hospitals and physicians who care for the less fortunate in remote areas around the world.

The Edifier Cares program has begun by focusing its efforts on the Citta Hospital, in Humla, Nepal. Located in a remote region of the Himalayas, the Citta Hospital is headed up by Dr. Yeshe and his team of volunteers who care for thousands of Nepalese that otherwise would be unable to receive medical attention.  With the support of the Edifier Cares program, Citta Hospital has received integral supplies, such as medicine, medical equipment and even basic items such as roofing, nails, concrete and other building materials essential to the operation.

“The mission of Edifier Cares is to partner with  organizations in places that don’t receive donations or assistance from the larger charity organizations, those that are otherwise forgotten,” commented Anthony Wilkinson, Edifier International Ltd., Managing Director.. “Rather than just writing a check and moving on, we have vowed to have direct involvement in activities where a difference can be made.”

The details of the Citta Hospital in Humla can be seen here:   http://www.edifier-international.com/about/edifier-cares and continued updates from Dr. Yeshe can be seen here:   http://www.edifier-international.com/news-press/humla-hospital

In the coming weeks, the Edifier Cares program will be expanding and organizers will seek out other organizations in need of help. Additionally, Edifier Cares will also illuminate other philanthropic efforts already under way around the world, in an effort to bring awareness to worthy causes that are in need of support.