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Edifier® Introduces Flagship Bluetooth Speaker System, Spinnaker

23 Jul 2012

Award-winning Bluetooth enabled speaker system features avant-garde, sail inspired design & magnificent sound reproduction

Ft. Worth, Texas – Edifier®, a leading global designer and manufacturer of award-winning audio systems, introduces its flagship speaker system – Spinnaker. Boasting an iconic sail inspired design and crystal clear sound reproduction, Edifier’s Spinnaker evokes a sensory experience unlike any other.

The CES Innovations Award-winning Spinnaker stands 16.5” tall and its unique shape is designed to project sound towards the listener with front facing tweeters and mid-range drivers, reinforced with a downward firing bass driver in each speaker. Spinnaker is Bluetooth enabled, making it a versatile product for home and office. A USB rechargeable wireless remote controls the volume, track navigation and play/pause preferences effortlessly within a 10-meter radius (30 ft).

Unparalleled Audio Though Intelligent Design

Spinnaker Shape – The sail inspired design enhances the sound in a number of ways. By using a tapered cylindrical shape, internal standing waves and resonances are unable to collect to a measurable degree in any area within the enclosure, and in fact cancel themselves out at various frequencies. Additionally, the aluminum frame paired with internal damping materials reduces unwanted enclosure vibration. The result is a more lifelike and accurate sound presentation for the listener.

Tri-Amping – A technique commonly used in large-scale sound amplification for concerts, Tri-amping is the practice of connecting three audio amplifiers to a loudspeaker unit: one to power the bass driver (woofer), one to power the mid-range and the third to power the treble driver (tweeter). A single amplifier can typically power a woofer, mid and tweeter only through a crossover filter, which protects each driver from signals outside its frequency range. However, the crossover itself wastes power, so tri-amping is a way to avoid this problem.

Electronic Crossovers – Possible phase shifts from a passive crossover are eliminated by using DSP electronic crossovers within Spinnaker’s amplifiers. In addition, Edifier engineers have freed up valuable internal space within Spinnaker by eliminating a large passive crossover printed circuit board, with coils, capacitors and resistors. The more internal air volume available, the better and deeper the bass can become.

Spinnaker Features

• Bluetooth pairing capability with Bluetooth enabled devices A2DP and AVRCA Bluetooth profile support within a 30’ radius
• Optical input for connectivity to multimedia systems, gaming consoles and media center
• Auxiliary input for versatile connectivity to external devices
• Uniquely designed dome-shaped, rechargeable and multifunctional wireless remote
• Incorporation of digital sound processing technology (DSP) with separate 6-channel digital crossover for effective sound amplification
• Separate subwoofer output
• Tri-amped speaker system for enhanced dynamics and power


Edifier’s Spinnaker is available in black and burgundy for $349.99 at www.Edifier.US.com/shop-edifier and retailers across North America.

For images or additional information, please contact Edifier Representative Brian Metcalf at brianmetcalf@maxborgesagency.com or 305-371-9736 x111, or visit www.Edifier.US.com / www.Edifier.ca.

About Edifier®

Edifier is a leading designer and manufacturer of internationally award-winning audio speaker products featuring contemporary design and superior sound quality. Edifier is vertically integrated from concept through R&D to finished product.  The new Dongguan manufacturing facility produces only Edifier branded products.  Edifier’s factory is located in a special high tech economic zone with emphasis on environmental sustainability including state of the art recycling, solar power generation and treated water reuse.  Edifier is distributed in over 60 countries, with sales in excess of 8 million audio units last year.  Edifier has become a world class audio manufacturer providing inspirational, visually elegant, and functional audio solutions for home lifestyle, portable, and multimedia applications.