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DJUCED™ Enters New Era with DJUCED 40°; Full Pro Version Pushes the Boundaries and Skillset for DJ Performers

22 Jan 2016

Full-Featured DJ Software Provides Easy-to-Use Platform

Anaheim, CA – January 22, 2016 – DJUCED™, the full-featured DJ software for the mobile and professional DJ, showcases the company’s updated full-version of its DJUCED40° professional DJ software at NAMM 2016. With this third version of the software, the brand has extensively redesigned its flagship solution, adding new functionalities, a new interface and opening up additional features that are targeted at the performance DJ.

“We are excited and proud to showcase this new version of DJUCED to the NAMM community and DJs worldwide,” said Stephane Bellanger, DJUCED Development Manager. “Its release symbolizes the will of the software engineers to share a common passion and desire to let the art of DJing evolve according to every user’s requirements and comments. We are confident that its flexibility, ease-of-use and future upgradability will stimulate users’ creativity, no matter their current skill level.”

Uncompromising software dedicated to mixes and remixes

More versatile than ever and oriented to the remix artist, this new opus of the brand’s advanced DJing software offers a host of new features designed to boost creativity. Version 3.0 makes no compromise and remains deeply rooted in the mixing world, while also boasting previously unreleased performance-focused features.

With two mixing decks, incorporating a dual-audio filter, an effects engine offering over 10 high-resolution options, compatibility for high-resolution audio decoding and filters such as “Magic Fade”, DJUCED 40° is ideal for everyone from the first-time DJ to the experienced club DJ as they keep their DJ set updated.

New features include dual remix-focused decks multi-layer samplers, advanced loop management and slicers that allow DJs to access a whole new world of musical creativity. Rearranging songs, adding instruments, changing the order of bars… everything is now possible.

Making DJing easier with powerful features & upgraded experience

DJUCED 40° remains true to its original philosophy: facilitating inspiration, allowing DJs to transform their ideas into sound and unleashing their creativity. With this in mind, development teams have delivered a simple, easy-to-use and intelligent software platform. With the latest release, DJs can now enjoy the total synchronization of audio decks and samplers, Snap, Quantification and Slip features and much more. Also included are a whole ensemble of performance assistance features that let DJs keep rhythm and phrase intact in every situation.

Additionally, the experience for the user has also been optimized, from the initial download which includes demo tracks and samples as well as a list of continually updated tutorials. These offer education for DJs of everything from a general software overview to a deeper dive into individual features to help the performer get better, no matter if they are performing for friends in the living room or at a club in front of hundreds of spectators. With DJUCED, the learning curve is simply shorter, allowing DJs to indulge in swift creative exploration.

Intuitive, innovative and collaborative

DJUCED 40° boasts both innovative features and user-friendliness. Users can enjoy a simple and intuitive approach, as exemplified by the sample creation process. DJs can directly import audio from a current track via a simple Drag & Drop process, to create samples based on their own musical world.

The software displays all information concerning the 4 decks and will include the “My Party” feature. When used in conjunction with the free DJUCED™ MASTER and free DJUCED™ Party web apps, it will transform DJ sets into social and collaborative parties, allowing DJs to share a playlist with their guests before or during the event, and allow them to vote on their favorite tracks.  Additionally, the “My Party” feature, when used with these apps can collect desired songs, artists and even song dedications from audience members, offering DJs a unique way to share their playlist and receive real-time feedback and votes with the audience.

The new version of DJUCED 40° will be available in March 2016 for PC and Mac as a free-trial version and as a full professional version that is bundled with Hercules P32 DJ. Additionally, current DJUCED 40° users will automatically be offered a free update to version 3.0.

For more information on DJUCED 40° and other versions of the DJUCED DJ software including for the mobile platform, please visit:

For those attending the NAMM Show, please stop by the booth, #5298, from January 21-24, 2016.

For attending media that would like to schedule a demo or interview with an executive, please contact Adam Weissman at

DJUCED Philosophy

The DJUCED™ Team shares a common passion: MUSIC.

Whether your goal is to host the best parties ever, or simply to enhance your creativity, DJUCED™ helps you bring your music to life.


Published by Guillemot Corporation, DJUCED™ is created by an independent team of experts, who design unique DJ solutions reflecting their own view of the music world. Thanks to DJUCED collaboration with Hercules, they have been able to learn from the brand’s 20 years of know-how in digital audio and DJing, providing them with invaluable insights into DJ hardware. As a result, they are able to offer innovative solutions ensuring optimal harmony between all key components.

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