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Desk Pets International Launches Special Edition TankBot with Battle Mode, Available Exclusively at Brookstone

22 Nov 2011

The perfect holiday gift, TankBot features smartphone control and an interactive battle mode, all for under $25

Toronto, Canada – (November 22, 2011) – Desk Pets International (HK) Limited, launches the new special edition TankBot, available exclusively at Brookstone stores. Winner of Popular Science’s Best of Toy Fair 2011, TankBot comes equipped with three interactive modes allowing it to navigate mazes, free-roam, and be fully controllable by your Apple iOS or Android mobile device. The special edition TankBot features a battle mode, allowing users to fire shots via infrared between tanks. TankBot with battle mode is available now for $24.99 at Brookstone stores nationwide.

Check out the TankBot in action: Porsche vs TankBot / TankBot on the Loose

The interactive battle mode allows users to wage war on other Tankbots.  As TankBots battle, sensors on each device detect direct hits. The defeated TankBot is disabled, designating the shooter as the winner.

Special edition TankBots are also equipped with Desk Pet’s multiple play modes, sounds and maneuvers. In autonomous maze solving mode, infrared sensors allow it to navigate around obstacles with military precision. Set TankBot to free-roaming mode and watch it take the helm, acting under its own direction while providing various sounds including aggressive growls, impatient honks and in the rare case it tips over, even a helpless cry. With Desk Pet’s free downloadable iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android mobile device application, users can fully control TankBot with their mobile device. Using the Apple iOS, dual joystick steering allows realistic tank maneuvers by powering left and right tracks individually. Each TankBot comes with an iDesk Pets universal remote that easily plugs into the headphone jack of your mobile device.

Special edition TankBot features include:

  • Battle mode, allows users to fire from one TankBot to another, multiple hits disables defeated TankBot
  • Fully controllable by iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android mobile device application Autonomous mode uses IR sensors to navigate mazes, avoid obstacles, and react with military precision
  • Free roaming mode with various sounds
  • Retractable USB charger built into body of the product, 40 minutes of charge = 15 minutes of play
  • Each color (orange, blue, black, and green) operates on own frequency, allowing for multi-player racing and battling

The special edition TankBot is available today for $24.99 at Brookstone stores nationwide. To request additional information about Desk Pets International, please contact PR Representative Brad Hobbs at (305) 576-1171 x119 or by e-mail at To learn more about Desk Pets International go to  

About Desk Pets International:

Founded in 2009 Desk Pets International (HK) Limited creates innovative and environmentally friendly micro-robotic toys and gadgets. Chosen as one of the top 30 toys by the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) at Toy Fair 2010, Desk Pets is already making an impact on the toy market. Using its patent pending USB charging solutions and 5 function remote controller, Desk Pets has created highly interactive micro-robotic toys at an extremely affordable price. For more information, please visit

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