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designed by m Launches AL13, Lightweight Bumper Made from Aerospace Grade Aluminum

1 May 2013

Kickstarter campaign generated 400% over goal; today AL13 is available for purchase

MIAMI – May 1, 2013 – As iPhone models progress, they get slimmer and sleeker. So why do consumers continue to buy cases that add bulk or take away from the well-thought out design? And why are higher-quality bumpers so expensive? Those are the questions that sparked the curiosity of CEO and Founder of design by m, Lester Mapp. His solution: the AL13, a uniquely designed bumper that protects the iPhone without changing its look. Launched as a successful Kickstarter campaign, today the AL13 is available for purchase online.

“The iPhone is elegant just as it is; the beauty of its design stands out so we want to preserve it,” Mapp said. “The AL13 is created from Aerospace grade aluminum, so you get a slim, lightweight frame that’s tough enough to shield your iPhone from bumps and scratches yet elegant enough to blend perfectly with the iPhone’s form.”

The first product created by designed by m, the AL13 garnered interest on Kickstarter, surpassing its funding goal of $20,000 in February 2013 with total pledges reaching $86,250. One hundred percent of the Kickstarter backer’s orders were delivered on time, which is a rarity; according to, 84% of Kickstarter’s top projects are shipped late.

Mapp’s accessibility was a hit with Kickstarter backers. When questions came in regarding signal loss, he created an open dialogue. designed by m did tests and reported that the AL13 has a signal loss of less than 10%, while other metal bumpers tested had a loss of 20% or greater.

The AL13 raises the iPhone away from surfaces protecting the edges and absorbing the shock from bumps and knocks. A rubber lining acts as a shock absorber to minimize impact damage and also protects the iPhone while installing the AL13. A high impact, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint and anti-glare polyurethane screen protector keeps your screen in pristine condition. The slide cover simply glides on and locks into place; no screws or tools necessary.

The AL13 has models for the iPhone 4, 4s and 5 and comes in Slate Black, Gun Metal, Silver, Red and Blue. It is available at designed by m’s website, for $79.99. A launch video of the AL13 can be seen here.

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