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Click & Grow Takes Step Toward a Sustainable Future with Upcoming Smart Farm Product

8 Oct 2013

Scalable indoor farming solution will use 90% less water than traditional agriculture and will be 80% less expensive

Palo Alto, Calif. – October 08, 2013 – As part of Click & Grow’s sustainability initiative, the company introduces the Smart Farm, a scalable high tech food growing system controlled over the internet to adjust its software according to local environmental needs.

“With the rise in food prices and the insufficient availability of fresh and healthy dietary choices, there are close to 870 million malnourished people worldwide,” says Mattias Lepp, Click & Grow’s Founder. “The introduction of our Smart Farm concept takes us one step closer to our goal in providing access to fresh food at a fraction of the cost. We have a long way ahead of us, but each of our products is a step forward in that direction.”

With over four years of R&D, the backbone of Click & Grow’s Smart Farm is a combination of the smart soil that incorporates nanotechnology and a sensor-based software system for optimal plant growth. Using biomimicry, Click & Grow’s technology allows the plants to grow naturally in the most difficult conditions. It contains pockets for oxygen and supplies plants with the exact amount of nutrients according to the plants’ growth cycle so there is no need for additives or fertilizer.

From a small 10-unit plant system to a farm with millions of plants, the Smart Farm will be scalable to accommodate a wide range of needs. It has the potential to bring fresh food to schools, restaurants, container farms and more as well as completely change the way people consume produce at home. With the capabilities of growing fresh salads, herbs and vegetables year round, the new Smart Farm is set to revolutionize the kitchen environment.

“Over the last year we have a proven track record of ushering greenery into people’s homes with selling more than 80,000 Smart Flower Pots. Using the same technology we were able to develop our successful Smart Herb Garden Kickstarter project that raised over $625,000,” continues Lepp. “We believe this technology will be the future of how the world consumes fresh food.”

Prototypes are currently being tested and Click & Grow expects the final product to be released in March of 2014.  For more information on Click & Grow’s Smart Farm and updates on its availability visit

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About Click & Grow:

Click & Grow is the leading creator of easy-to-use electronic smartpots that grow plants without need for manual watering and fertilizing.  The company’s smart technology controls all the things plants need to thrive, the exact amount of water, fertilizer and air, according to the plant’s needs. Click & Grow’s specially developed and patented growth medium enables users to grow fresh herbs, vegetables and plants in all environments. Since the company’s inception in 2010 over 50,000 Click & Grow’s have been sold worldwide. To learn more about Click & Grow’s comprehensive line up of products and plants, visit

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