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Cargo Expands to Dallas Offering Complimentary joyböl Smoothie Bowls to Uber Riders

16 May 2018

Rideshare passengers in Dallas can also enjoy complimentary FORTO organic coffee shots and RXBAR protein bars in their next ride through Cargo’s in-car commerce platform

DALLAS – May 16, 2018 – Cargo, the leading in-car commerce platform for rideshare, celebrates its launch in Dallas with brand partners joyböl, FORTO, and RXBAR to provide complimentary smoothie bowls, organic coffee shots, and whole food protein bars to the city’s rideshare passengers. With these three brands onboard, passengers can enjoy a quick and healthy breakfast on the go. Dallas-based rideshare drivers will now be able to earn additional income through Cargo by offering products from these brands in addition to other satisfying snacks and essentials to passengers.

By partnering with Cargo, joyböl, Forto and RXBAR complimentary products will be available to passengers to discover and enjoy in rideshare vehicles. Joyböl is the first brand to take advantage of Cargo’s scalable, data rich platform to launch a completely new product to Millennial and Gen-Z consumers who avidly use Uber and other rideshare services.

“Commuting and early morning business travel are among the top reasons people use rideshare. RXBAR and joyböl bring two unique products into Cargo’s mix that help us solve for on-the-go breakfast with healthy products we know riders will love. Many people skip eating breakfast at home, and not everyone has time to wait in line for their morning coffee. FORTO coffee shots are a perfect alternative to pricey cafés and long lines, whether consumed in the morning or as an afternoon energy boost. We’re very excited to bring these new emerging brands to passengers through Cargo!” says Sabina Rahaman, Head of Brand Partnerships & Merchandising for Cargo.

The ordering process is seamless: Passengers simply visit Cargo’s mobile menu ( on their smartphones, enter their driver’s box code, select their desired product and hit the check-out button. Once the vehicle is stopped, the driver gives the passenger the product from the Cargo display box.

Joyböl Smoothie Bowls

Joybol Smoothie Bowls are a simple, portable breakfast that combines layered flavors and creamy, crunchy textures from real ingredients like fruits, nuts, and seeds with 10-11g Protein.  They deliver maximum joy with minimal effort – just Snap open the included spoon, add cold water, and stir.  It is the first and only smoothie bowl you can truly eat anywhere, anytime.  Now strapped-for-time rideshare passengers can enjoy this delicious mini-meal from Cargo.

FORTO Hershey’s Latte Coffee Shot  

FORTO Coffee Shot packs the energy of a large coffee into an organic 2 oz. ready-to-drink shot. FORTO slowly steeps Colombian coffee beans for 20 hours to extract more caffeine with a naturally smooth taste. With the decadent flavor of Hershey’s chocolate, a FORTO coffee shot from Cargo will lift passengers’ energy and mood while on-the-go.

“We developed our product to be the perfect energy boost for consumers that are constantly on the move. Our customers will likely find themselves in an Uber at some point in their daily lives, so it made complete sense to us to partner with Cargo to offer our products in-car to give customers more energy on-the-go. Most people don’t realize how much time they actually spend making a stop for coffee, so our partnership with Cargo gives them that time back to do the things they need to do,” says Neel Premkumar, CEO of FORTO.

RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt

With a base of egg whites, dates and nuts, each RXBAR contains 12 grams of protein in 220 calories or less. Gluten free, soy free and dairy free, RXBARs contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and come in a variety of delicious flavors. The top-selling Chocolate Sea Salt flavor is made with 100% natural cocoa, nuts and a hint of sea salt, making it the perfect combo of sweet and salty ‒ and it’s now available in Cargo for anyone who needs a wholesome hit of protein during their Uber ride.

After successful introductions in New York, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Atlanta, the Dallas launch is the next step in Cargo’s nationwide expansion plan for 2018. Cargo’s Dallas debut will allow local drivers to earn up to $500 more per month in commissions, referrals, and performance bonuses. Cargo recently raised $5.5 million in venture funding to scale operations more rapidly across the U.S. The startup will reach more than 25 million passengers across 20,000 vehicles in 2018.




About Cargo

Cargo is the leading provider of in-car goods and services for the rideshare economy. With access to Uber’s API, Cargo’s in-car commerce platform enables passengers to use a smartphone browser to buy from a curated mix of snacks, gum, premium electronics, cosmetics, and personal care items while in transit. Visit for more information and follow Cargo on Facebook and Twitter.

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How to transact in-car:

  • Passengers visit Cargo’s mobile menu ( on their smartphones and enter their driver’s unique box code on the Cargo display box.
  • They then select their desired product from the menu.
  • If the product is free, they simply hit the check-out button. If the product is for purchase, they can pay with their preferred mobile wallet or credit card.
  • Once the vehicle is stopped, the driver gives the passenger the drink from the Cargo display box.

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