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Carbon Audio’s Zooka Goes from Sketch to the Shelves of Walmart, the Largest U.S. Retailer, in Only 15 months

4 Jun 2013

Zooka, a Bluetooth speaker that is designed to go where you go, makes everything up to five times louder; Now available at Walmart

PORTLAND, ORE. Carbon Audio LLC, the design-driven audio products company brings the Zooka to Walmart.  Zooka, a Red Dot Award winning design and top-selling wireless Bluetooth speaker, redefines loud by making your mobile media five times louder, enhancing everything you listen to at home or on-the-go. The Zooka is now available at Walmart stores nationwide.

“From conception to execution, or as we like to call it, sketch to shelves, our team grabbed the attention of America’s top retailer, Walmart, in only 15 months.  That’s a remarkably short time period for any company to create, produce and sell a product at this level,” says Jason Martin, co-founder and chief creative officer of Carbon Audio. “It’s been an incredible ride since our debut in Apple stores, and we are excited to see what’s next.”

Zooka is a wireless speaker designed to be as mobile as your media. With a 30-foot Bluetooth range, multiple vibrant colors, and a low price point there are more than a few reasons for you to listen “LOUDERER” with Zooka. So whether its movies, music or a video of a toy monkey playing the drums, you can be sure you’ll hear it louder.

  • LOUDERER  PHONE – Zooka has a built-in microphone that enhances the use of Skype and FaceTime, and is perfect for incoming and outgoing phone calls.
  • LOUDERER  LAPTOP – Zooka slides onto the edge of your laptop giving you LOUDERER portability without inhibiting the use of the camera.
  • LOUDERER KICKSTAND – Each Zooka comes with one removable metal stand which raises the iPad to the perfect viewing angle.


  • Two 30mm speaker drivers are positioned on either end of the Zooka to create a true omni-directional soundstage
  • 80dB at 1m sound pressure level
  • 30-foot Bluetooth range
  • Rechargeable battery providing up to 8 hours of play time
  • Frequency Response of 150Hz to 20,000Hz

Zooka is available in red, navy blue and black for $99.95 MSRP at Walmart. For additional colors and retailers visit

To learn more about Zooka and Carbon Audio visit

About Carbon Audio

Carbon Audio is a non-traditional and highly innovative audio company that launched in early 2012 in Portland, OR. After a successful fundraising campaign on, they released their first product called Zooka: a Bluetooth® tablet speaker that has since received the prestigious Red Dot award for its unique functional design and is now distributed and sold on a worldwide stage ranging from Apple stores to Walmart.

Carbon Audio was originally formed by a like-minded group of music lovers who saw traditional audio products in a different way – a way that solved true consumer problems rather than simply creating products that followed the competition. Their products are inspired by the true mobile lifestyle of the 21st century – a lifestyle that understands that being loud is more than just making a sound, it’s about making a statement. Loud is bolder, brighter, and more fun, which is why Carbon Audio’s increasingly mobile products will ensure that you can live out loud wherever you and your media want to go.

Learn more about Carbon Audio’s loud products and other future projects at

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