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Capstone Connected Home Launches Google-Enabled Smart Mirror, Expanding Today’s Connected Lifestyles

7 Jan 2019

 Check out the brand’s highly-capable, Google-enabled Smart Mirror and other connected surface products during CES 2019, at Pepcom and at Sands Hall, booth 40751

LAS VEGAS – Jan. 7, 2019 – Capstone Connected Home is releasing its first connected surfaces smart home device, a Google-enabled Smart Mirror with voice and touch-screen capabilities. The convenient mirror allows users to access Google Voice Assistant, check traffic and weather, stream YouTube, access social media feeds, run downloadable applications and more – simply expanding today’s connected lifestyles.

Google Assistant functionality lets users maneuver hands-free through the complete suite of Google products when using Capstone Connected Home’s Smart Mirror. Users can download apps from the Google Play Store, check their commute to work with Google Maps and even manage Google Drive to get a head start on assignments – all while brushing their teeth or styling their hair. In addition, the Smart Mirror’s touch-screen capabilities make it easy to type on the mirror itself, providing users the ability to respond to emails or message their friends to let them know they are running late.

The Smart Mirror’s Voice Control function can distinguish up to six different voices, making it easy to navigate between multiple Google accounts. It eliminates the hassle of having to log in and out, while keeping each user’s data private and available only to them.

Managing the Smart Mirror is easily done using the Capstone Connected Control Hub. Similar to a high-end tablet, the Hub is a touch-screen device that lets users access playlists, log into messaging apps, check the weather, and much more when connected to Wi-Fi.

Users can connect from any room in the home and even place the Hub in a convenient location, while still experiencing the mirror’s full range of smart functions. The Hub will also be compatible with other future Capstone Connected Home products, soon to be introduced into the market. Once synced with other connected surface products, the Hub creates an ecosystem that can be conveniently managed through one central device.

The Capstone Connected Home’s Smart Mirror features a sleek and modern design that integrates perfectly into any space. Simply hang it up like a traditional mirror or stand it on its own, on a vanity or other tabletop surface, and enjoy multitasking while getting ready anywhere in the house. The Smart Mirror blends traditional functionality with smart capabilities.  It tastefully integrates into home environments, enabling users to no longer be tethered to their smartphone when home.

Capstone Connected Home’s Google-enabled Smart Mirror will be available in varying sizes, the first to market being 19×22, and will be displayed during CES 2019 at Pepcom and at Sands Hall, booth 40751.

The Smart Mirror will be available for purchase and shipping to customers the beginning of Q1 2019.

Capstone Connected Home, a sub-brand of Capstone Industries, is bridging the gap between technology and everyday life with the introduction of its connected surface products – a variety of smart home devices aimed to simplify daily routines. Capstone Connected Home plans to develop and bring to market a variety of connected surface products, such as coffee tables and side tables, to create an ecosystem compatible with its newly released Google-enabled Smart Mirror.

For more than 10 years, Capstone Industries has focused on making high-end technological products accessible to users at an affordable price, while partnering with some of the most recognizable retailers across the globe to deliver quality products.

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