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Bobby Chang, Co-Founder of Incase, Joins iCache’s Board of Advisors

3 Apr 2012

Cambridge, MA- April 3, 2012 – iCache Inc, the premier global technology leader in the mobile payments industry, is extremely pleased to announce that Bobby Chang, Co-Founder of Incase, has joined the Company’s Board of Advisors.  Bobby Chang joins a diverse and world-class Board bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to iCache.

“As a Co-Founder of Incase, Bobby brings years of deep and insightful consumer focused design and development experience. Within hours of his joining us, Bobby has already been instrumental in our strategic thoughts as we move forward,” stated Jon Ramaci, CEO, iCache Inc.  “iCache, like Incase, is very focused on innovation and presenting consumers with an amazing product experience. Bobby is a pleasure to work with and is also an inspiration as the culture of iCache continues to evolve.”

Bobby Chang offers invaluable years of experience as a Founder of Incase.  Incase designs and manufactures high quality, design-oriented solutions meant to protect and organize Apple products.  Incase products promote design simplicity and offer intuitive functionality to provide users with a fully integrated mobile experience.

Bobby Chang has been involved with many creative and socially responsive endeavors including programs for organizations like UNICEF and Invisible Children. His involvement in these groups, engraved deeper his commitment to return dignity to manufacturing where it got taken to the next level with the inspiration, ideation and implementation of a program called MEND. Meanwhile, he has also enjoyed mentoring young designers to produce humanitarian related projects resulting in multiple products and programs being injected into several charities and NGOs around the world.

“I am exceedingly pleased to be a part of the iCache Board of Advisors” stated Bobby Chang, a Founder of Incase Inc. “With considerable optimism, my aspiration is to inspire iCache to go beyond its product’s clever design and ease of function and to assist the Company with applying a strategy for a sustainable dignified manufacturing process.”

With the advent of the Geode, iCache has designed and developed the world’s first intelligent, secure and easy-to-use mobile wallet. The Geode is an iPhone app-cessory able to digitally store and consolidate all credit, loyalty, gift and membership cards into one simple application that is ultra-secure.

For more information on iCache and Geode, follow us on Facebook.com/iCacheDigitalWallet or @GeodeWallet.

About iCache Inc:

Based in Cambridge, MA, iCache is the premier global technology leader in the mobile payments industry.  iCache’s flagship product, the Geode, is an iPhone case which brings the first digital wallet to market years ahead of any competitor without the need for merchants to change any infrastructure.

Geode provides enhanced security through the use of biometric technology which merely requires a consumer’s finger swipe. The patented, rewriteable, universal card replaces a myriad of credit, debit, and other card technologies into a single Geocard. Loyalty cards are equally condensed through the use of an e-ink screen which can display any type of barcode. All of this technology is made user friendly through an iPhone app.

iCache is dedicated to delivering high quality, beautiful solutions that boast sleek designs and state-of-the-art technologies. We are a socially conscientious organization and our products are made in the USA. For more information: www.icache.com

About Incase Inc.:

Founded in 1997, Incase creates products to protect and enhance the technology that is essential to our lives. Designed to meet the needs of individuals across all interests, professions and passions, Incase products promote design simplicity and offer intuitive functionality to provide users with a fully integrated mobile experience. www.goincase.com

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