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BeON Home Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Support Stress-Free Home Security Through Proactive Prevention

4 Nov 2014


The BeON Burglar Deterrent LED bulb system discourages break-ins while homeowners are away using innovative lighting techniques


Cambridge, MA – November 4, 2014 
– BeON Home, a Cambridge, MA-based start-up, is pleased to announce the company’s first product, BeON Burglar Deterrent. The BeON Burglar Deterrent brings a fresh perspective to home security by taking a proactive rather than a reactive approach. The LED-bulb system installs just like normal light bulbs and works with existing wall switches. After installing, the system learns and replays the lighting patterns while users are away in order to create the impression of a lived-in home.  Designed to be simple and stress-free, there is no system programming required, no service contracts, no monthly fees or pesky alarms to go off. Users simply activate the system via the mobile app (or wall switch) and they are done. The more bulbs in use, the more convincing and effective the system becomes.

According to many security experts, potential burglars will check to see if a home is occupied by ringing the doorbell before finding a more secluded area of a residence to break into. To combat this technique, the BeON Burglar Deterrent listens for the doorbell and will turn the lights on in sequence to simulate an active presence, as if someone was responding to the door.

Additionally, during power outages, homes without lights on become prime targets for burglaries as most security systems fail without power. However, if there is an outage while homeowners are away, the BeON Burglar Deterrent system uses built-in rechargeable batteries to provide intelligent lighting, visible for days that can be seen from outside the home. When given the choice between a house that has lights on or one that does not, a burglar usually chooses the latter to avoid the risk of being caught.

“We took a deep look at modern security systems and realized that the majority of them focus on being reactive to an event that has already occurred rather than offering a proactive solution,” said Alexei Erchak, CEO and Co-Founder of BeON Home. “Security experts will be the first to admit that prevention should serve as the initial step to prevent break-ins from occurring and so we decided to focus our attention on the unmet need in this product category. Whether homeowners own a security system or not, the BeON Burglar Deterrent provides a new and effective layer of protection that fits seamlessly into an existing routine.”

Utilizing the form factor of a light bulb, BeON has developed a proprietary design that integrates a removable module which activates the burglar deterrence functionality of the system.

“We started BeON Home with the simple vision of solving important problems by making the familiar extraordinary,” added Erchak. “Our first project, BeON Stress-Free Security, captures our vision perfectly. Rather than trying to improve existing security systems, we took a fresh look and designed an effective deterrence solution that fits seamlessly into the home and into any lifestyle.”

How It Works
The BeON Burglar Deterrent can be set up and operated with one finger. After adding the modules and screwing in the BeON bulbs just as users would with any other light bulb, they can download the free BeON app to begin using all features of the system without the hassle and frustration of typical security systems. For maximum effectiveness, the BeON bulbs should be deployed in high use locations, including by the front door, in a hallway or in one of the bedrooms.  Once a user installs the BeON Burglar Deterrent, the bulbs begin to learn the lighting patterns of a residence in those locations.


Each bulb in the BeON Burglar Deterrent system provides 800 lumens of soft white LED light output, equivalent to a 60W incandescent light bulb.  Each module includes Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, a microphone, processor and a rechargeable battery. The modules communicate with each other, relaying information about learned events such as doorbells, available battery capacity, lighting status and schedules.

Burglar Deterrent While Away
When leaving the house, users can enable the “away mode” via the mobile app, allowing the system to listen for the doorbell as well as playback a user’s lighting patterns to simulate occupancy. Additional customization of lighting patterns and desired effects are also available. Training the modules to listen for the doorbell or any other repeatable sound event is simple using a learning algorithm built into the app.

As burglars are opportunistic and target homes during power outages, the BeON Burglar Deterrent uses efficient LED bulbs that are able to last for long periods of time, providing convincing lighting patterns of occupancy and then automatically recharge the internal battery once the power is restored. By adding more bulbs to the BeON Burglar Deterrent system, homeowners can extend the effectiveness for weeks.

Safety Lighting While Home
BeON Burglar Deterrent bulbs also have an added benefit for users that are home during a power outage as well. Because the system operates via Bluetooth to a mobile device rather than a Wi-Fi network which would need a router to be powered on, the system can be turned on using the BeON mobile app on a phone or tablet when the power goes out. If there are enough bulbs in the system, instant on backup lighting can be enabled throughout the home so that homeowners will never be left in the dark.

Just as the BeON Burglar Deterrent listens for a doorbell, it can listen for other events in the home as well. This includes a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm and when heard, can turn on all bulbs in the system at full brightness instantly to help every family member get out safely, even during the middle of the night.

Additionally, BeON bulbs feature “nightlight” functionality that will dim slowly when turned off, allowing consumers more than enough time to get across the room, up the stairs or into bed. They can also gradually fade on, in order to eliminate the jarring effect of illuminating a pitch black room at night. The BeON app acts as a second switch that can be used anywhere within a home when needed.

An additional convenience has also been built into the BeON bulbs. Switch off a BeON bulb and as it’s gradually dimming, switch it back on and it will remain at the desired light level. This feature is incredibly simple to use and does not require the app, so it works with any connected light switch.

Availability & Pricing
BeON Home is launching the BeON Burglar Deterrent to the public via the crowd funding site, Kickstarter on November 4th.  The campaign will run for 45 days through December 19th. The BeON Burglar Deterrent system will be offered in three, six and nine unit packs to accommodate different size homes and will offer both standard A-lamp and recessed BR30 lamp styles. Reward levels will start at $199 for the early-bird three-bulb package. BeON Home has completed all engineering validation tests and formed partnerships with some of the highest-quality, leading manufacturers in the industry.  Shipments are due to begin in April 2015.

The BeON Burglar Deterrent is the first in a line of home products to be offered by BeON Home aimed to make the familiar extraordinary. The bulb was purposely designed to be modular so that new functionality can be added in the future that expands the capabilities of the system, simply by adding or replacing modules. The company is asking backers on Kickstarter to help define which products get developed for the system first, based on interest and feedback.

About BeON
BeON Home is a start-up located in Cambridge, MA with the simple vision of solving problems in the home by making the familiar extraordinary. Their products fit seamlessly into the home and any lifestyle.  For more information, visit or the Kickstarter page.

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