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Award-Winning Wi3 to Unveil WiPNET WiFi for the Hospitality Industry – Dedicated WiFi Access Point in Every Room

25 Jun 2012

New networking solution to be showcased at Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC) Booth 1649, June 25-28, 2012, in Baltimore, MD

Rochester, New York – June 25, 2012– Wi3, a 2012 Best of CES Innovations Award winner, today announced WiPNET WiFi for hotels, schools, dorms and commercial properties.  The company’s groundbreaking networking solution for the hospitality industry introduces the market’s fastest and most reliable WiFi service to every hotel guestroom, meeting space and common area. A strong and reliable WiFi Internet connection is the most important piece of guestroom technology today, according to hospitality industry surveys. However, the proliferation of Internet-connected mobile devices is taxing today’s hotel WiFi networks, resulting in widespread quality of service issues and guest dissatisfaction. The patented WiPNET for Hotels solution eliminates these issues by utilizing the existing coax cable in the walls of commercial properties to provide reliable wired and wireless Internet access while maintaining all TV services.

WiPNET allows many devices to simultaneously access HD and rich media digital Web content on the same hardwired network using existing coax cable infrastructure and a hardwired access point in every guestroom. This innovative application of MoCA technology eliminates the problem of network buffering caused when several devices are accessing the Web within the same environment. It also simplifies network management and oversight, even allowing hotel owners to create tiered-access services as an additional profit center.

“Serving hotel guestrooms or commercial properties with just one WiFi router or a few WiFi repeaters across a property does not meet the needs and demands of the ever increasing WiFi enabled mobile consumer,” said Wi3 CEO Bill Thompson.  “Wi3’s patented in-wall Ethernet and WiFi products enable properties that have coax connections to convert every room or space into a full-bandwidth dedicated access point to satisfy even the most heavy of users, thus simplifying and eliminating today’s singular WiFi router approach.”

WiPNET for Hotels Benefits

Every Hotel Guest, In Every Room, Has A Dedicated Wi-Fi Access Point

WiPNET provides the speed and reliability of a full-strength wired Ethernet and WiFi network to every room, eliminating deficiencies caused by too many users and device overload.

No New Wires

WiPNET uses the existing coax cables already in the walls for easy installation, upgrade capabilities and property management.

Entertainment Network

WiPNET technology is ideal for Second Screen access, is Airplay enabled and introduces new profit centers through billable services for individual, enhanced WiFi networks.

Many factors influence the quality of wireless signals throughout hotels and other commercial environments, including the materials used in and depth of wall construction, distance to access points and the vast proliferation of Internet-dependent mobile devices.

Wi3’s WiPNET for Hotels avoids these issues by providing an Ethernet connection and a dedicated, secure WiFi Access Point to each room that supports a coax connection.  The WiPNET solution is “Wired for the Best Wireless™” throughout the hotel environment and helps eliminate the wireless dead zones encountered by today’s heavily burdened hotel networks.

Given the size and depth of the physical infrastructure, hotel and commercial buildings are extremely susceptible to the five main factors that hamper wireless Internet connections. These factors include Barriers, Interference, Reflections, Distance and Saturation, also known as B.I.R.D.S. The illustration below demonstrates how components of the B.I.R.D.S. concept behave in hotel environments and how WiPNET remedies these inherent obstacles of traditional hotel WiFi.

Wi3 will showcase WiPNET for Hotels, including Power over Coax and Cable TV/Satellite TV (DirecTV SWM) models, at HITEC 2012 (Booth 1649), the world’s largest hospitality technology show, June 25-28 at the Baltimore Convention Center. If you are a media member and would like to meet with a Wi3 executive at HITEC, please contact PR representative Tiffany Iwankiw at (305) 374-4404 x140 or tiffanyiwankiw@maxborgesagency.com. To learn more about the Wi3’s complete product offerings, please visit http://www.mywi3.com.

About Wi3, Inc. 

A Rochester, NY based company established in 2008, Wi3 Inc. is a multiple award-winning leader in innovative home and commercial networking solutions with its MoCA-based patented products.  Its products include 2-port Ethernet, Wi-Fi, HMDI, thin client and energy management solutions as part of the company’s sleeve and cartridge system, allowing for retrofitting installations, backwards compatibility and an easy to upgrade platform.  The name Wi3 is derived from its three core technologies – Wired, Wireless, Wideband. http://www.mywi3.com


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