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ARCHOS Puts South America Tech Market on the Map

4 Feb 2016

The mobile tech developer announces market expansion in Argentina

Paris, February 4, 2016 – After successful market launches in Africa and the Middle East last year, ARCHOS takes to South America to expand distribution of the mobile tech market. ARCHOS has partnered with Gasei Distribution in Buenos Aires where products are assembled by trained technicians to specifically target the needs of the Argentinian market.

“South America currently has one of the fastest growing markets for manufacturing mobile technology,” says Loic Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS. “Bringing company into Argentina will lead to an increase in employment and exponential market advancements in mobile technology.”

A leading developer of laptops, tablets and smartphones, ARCHOS’ extensive range of products will allow its new Argentinian customers to experience a variety of models that meet their needs. Effective immediately, ARCHOS products are being distributed throughout Argentina to large retail chains like Walmart, Musimondo and Coppel.

“The acceptance of ARCHOS products in Argentina has been incredible,” said Sebastian Brilli, President of Gasei Distribution. “The Argentinean consumer is very demanding and the winning equation of affordable design and performance is the prime reason for our success.”

ARCHOS plans continue its expansion to new markets while launching several different models in the coming months. Working with the recent in political changes in Argentina, the mobile tech brand is set continue creating an ecosystem of accessories across markets worldwide.


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