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Annex Products announces its latest creation Quad Lock™

14 Dec 2011

Attach your iPhoneTM anywhere using one simple multi-purpose mount

Melbourne, Australia – December 14, 2011– Annex Products, the leading manufacturer of the Opena® case, announces the launch of Quad Lock Case, the ultimate multipurpose mounting system for your iPhone.  The Quad Lock™ Case is a safe and easy mounting solution that mounts to almost any surface and conveniently positions your mobile device in portrait or landscape mode so you can easily watch movies, read the latest news or use apps, hands free.

The Quad Lock™ Case Mount is ultra slim and made from tough polycarbonate plastic to help protect the back of the iPhone during everyday use. The case’s beauty lies in its simplicity. It includes a built-in holder that snaps securely on to any of the Quad Lock™ Mounts.

Mounts that are currently available include:

  • ST Mount, which is perfect for the rigorous applications such as cycling
  • Pro Mount which has an extra level of security with a spring locking collar that is pushed down to unlock the case.

“Most car, wall, and bike mounts require you to remove your phone from your everyday case, insert it into another cradle system, and then remove it from the cradle and replace your case when you’re done. The alternatives are the hold-anything style cradles that fit nothing well,” says designer turned entrepreneur, Chris Peters of Annex Products. “If you’re like us, you use your iPhone as a GPS while driving and boating, a trip computer while cycling, a list while shopping, a score card while golfing, an alarm clock while sleeping, a recipe book while cooking, a calendar while at the office and we even sometimes make a phone call,” says Ward. “The Quad Lock™ makes all of these tasks easier by providing an easy-to-use mounting system that was designed specifically for the iPhone.”

To request more information on The Quad Lock™ Case and other Opena® case accessories, contact PR representative Andrew Felix at (305) 371-9736 x136 or Andrew


The Quad Lock is currently exclusively available at Kickstarter is a popular US-based crowd funding website, where the public are able to fund unique products by pre-ordering the product. Only once the pre-determined funding goal is reached, the product is put into production. The Quad Lock™ case and Mounting system is available in a variety of different kits with prices ranging from $25 to $80. To purchase your very own Quad Lock™, visit and search for ‘Quad Lock’ or head to the following URL

Quad Lock™ case Kickstarter project


About Annex Products

Annex Products founded by Rob Ward and Chris Peters from Melbourne, Australia, two mates who like to make things happen, designed and developed the Opena® case. Chris is an Industrial Designer with a passion for good design and Rob is an idea’s man with a knack for online sales and marketing. Together they combined their powers to make the Opena® case a reality. Originally launched on the crowd funding site Kickstarter in June 2011 it received huge interest and quickly jumped to 50% of funding goal in its first week. Word got out and it wasn’t long before the Opena® was showing up on design and gadget blogs in Australia, America, France, Japan, and Russia! 100% funding was achieved on Monday the 27th of June 2011 and the project finished on the 8th of July reaching 188% of the set funding goal. With the success of the Opena under their belt they formed Annex Products. The Quad Lock™ is their second product and is due to be in production in early 2012.

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