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The First-Ever Alternative Earbud Solution that Allows Ambient Noise in, Airbudz, are Now Available

23 Jan 2013

Stay safe and in control with Airbudz by reducing the risk of injury caused by the inability to hear surroundings during earphone use

 Draper, UT – January 23, 2012 – SafeSound Products, designer of innovative accessories for active consumers, announces the availability of Airbudz, the first-ever alternative earbud solution that allows ambient noise in.

“Over the past six years injuries sustained by pedestrians listening to earphones more than tripled,” said Tammy Erdel, Founder of SafeSound Products. “Our goal at SafeSound Products is to focus on safety while using technology in every aspect of our lives. Just because you are plugged in, doesn’t mean you have to be tuned out, with Airbudz you can now listen safely without blocking out car horns, sirens, a warning scream  or safety hazards.”

Airbudz are alternative earbud attachments that can be utilized while listening to music in environments where it’s necessary to be aware of your surroundings in order to stay safe. Whether you’re running, biking, skiing, skateboarding, or even riding on public transportation, walking to your car after dark, or staying attentive at work, there are many situations where it is imperative to hear your environment.

Air channels built into the Airbudz allow users to simultaneously hear music while also allowing ambient noise into the ear. Airbudz fit most earphones with removable earbuds that are currently on the market, simply replace the noise canceling earbuds that came with your earphones with Airbudz.

Tests show that Airbudz consistently let in approximately 11 decibels more pink noise in than noise-cancelling earbuds. To view entire test results, visit

Each package includes 9 pairs of Airbudz: 3 pairs of each size – small, medium and large in each color in several color combinations: Monochrome, Jewel Tones, Patriotic, Primary Colors, Caribbean, Glow in the Dark, Neon and Black. Airbudz are available now for $14.95 for all colors and $15.95 for glow in the dark at

For videos, both serious and comical, showing environments where Airbudz are beneficial visit

For more information about Airbudz visit or contact PR representative Madison McClymonds at or at 305-374-4404 x 146.

About AIRbudz and SafeSound Products

Based outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, SafeSound Products develops innovative accessories for active consumers that encourage safety while maintaining durability and functionality. SafeSound’s flagship product, AIRbudz, is the only earbud solution that allows ambient noise in, keeping users safe and in control while listening to music.  For more information about AIRbudz visit  or like them on Facebook:


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