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A Classic is Reborn: Introducing Ten One Design’s new Pogo Stylus

26 Nov 2013

The new Pogo stylus gets updated and remerges as the essential digital tool, compatible with virtually any capacitive touchscreen device

Montclair, N.J. – Nov. 26, 2013 – Ten One Design, creator of the world’s first capacitive touch screen stylus, is giving their classic Pogo a makeover and introducing the newest digital tool, compatible with every capacitive smartphone or tablet. Ten One Design’s new Pogo takes the place as your essential digital pen for writing, signing and painting. A well-crafted body and replaceable tips make the Pogo an unbeatable combination for an indispensable tool you’ll love to use. Ten One Design’s new Pogo stylus is now available online for $19.95, with magnetically interchangeable tips coming late December.

Debuting with a solid, elegant and uncomplicated design, the new Pogo works with any capacitive touchscreen device and is perfect for students, professional executives and everyone in between. Pogo enhances the smartphone or tablet user’s experience and provides greater control over touch. The remarkably agile tip boosts your ability to create fine lines and controlled strokes, with additional interchangeable tips coming late December to further customize your stylus pen.

Taking years of feedback and user experience into consideration since Ten One Design announced the world’s first capacitive touch screen stylus, the new Pogo is designed for extreme versatility and a wide range of users. Thoughtful design elements, like Pogo’s customizable and removable pen clip, make this stylus a must-have digital accessory.

“We wanted to recreate the classic Pogo, yet update it to enhance use with today’s most popular smartphone and tablets,” says Ten One Design Co-founder Peter Skinner. “We’re excited to offer unique elements of Ten One Design products, like the interchangeable tips, that allow users to customize their stylus.”

For more information on Ten One Design’s new Pogo stylus and full line of mobile accessories, visit them online, or connect via Facebook and Twitter. Press members may contact PR representative Sophie Isacowitz at (305)374-4404 x143 or sophieisacowitz@maxborgesagency.com.



Ten One Design, LLC, innovators of the world’s first capacitive touch screen stylus, is a forward-thinking design firm created in 2007 to bring superior aesthetics, functionality and enjoyment to Apple lovers everywhere. By combining their love for technology and innovation with their passion for visual appeal, Ten One Design brings sketches to life. For more information about Ten One Design, please visit http://www.tenonedesign.com.


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