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26 Sep 2013





15 Days to Go… Hammerhead Reintroduces Highly-Demanded ‘Early Bird Special’ and Rolls Out Secondary Model of First-of-its-Kind Bike Navigator 

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The world’s first social/hands-free bike navigator, Hammerhead, will be available for a limited time at $68 for the first 500 backers

Hammerhead will also be available in a translucent gray finish, including the option to custom engrave with cyclists’ contact information for another 500 backers

NEW YORK (September 26, 2013) – Hammerhead Navigation announces its limited campaign specials for its smart bike navigator. Hammerhead is a handlebar mounted device that utilizes LED lights to direct cyclists and commuters to preset destinations. As of today, the ‘early bird Hammerhead’ has been released at a limited price of $68. With the Hammerhead expected to retail for $100 once on market, users will be saving over $30 per purchase. Hammerhead Navigation is also pleased to offer a new limited edition translucent slate gray color option. Only 500 gray models will be produced, each having a unique serial number and can be personalized with engraving.



Hammerhead is the world’s first social bike routing tool that guides bikers onto safer and more enjoyable routes. Users enjoy the benefit of hands-free directions by downloading the Hammerhead app and navigating to destinations via an array of LED lights. The LEDs are able to provide comprehensive route information, all through the peripheral vision of the biker, allowing them to keep their eyes on the road and enjoy biking without having to stop and navigate. Once the app is downloaded, the route is set, and the device affixed to a user’s handlebars, the Hammerhead begins the light-directed navigation.

Similar to the popular Waze app, Hammerhead’s app features social sharing, allowing users to upload and share routes they completed. Hammerhead will also be the first system to show riders in real time how they compare to others on the popular online competition communities like Strava and MapMyRide.

Designed to work with bike share companies such as Bixi, users will be able to easily attach the Hammerhead device to bike share rental bikes. Riders can then be notified of how much time is remaining on their rental, as well as be directed to the next rental docking station.

The Hammerhead has been live on Dragon Innovation, the newest addition to the crowdfunding platforms, for 15 days. Dragon Innovation sets out to offer greater support for hardware companies in coming to market. Through a greater deal of partner introductions, and more hands on consulting throughout the campaign process, Dragon Innovation seeks to see all of its projects succeed. The Hammerhead production goal is $145,000.

“We are half way through our campaign and have already experienced such an influx of excitement and receptiveness to our product and overall initiative to change the cycling world,” says Hammerhead Founder and CEO Piet Morgan. “The Hammerhead is truly a device with potential to make city commuting a safer practice and encourage consumers to enjoy traveling their paths without fear or concern of not navigating safely or easily. We want nothing more than to see this take off and offer the world such an innovative device for this under recognized market.”

The new Hammerhead is now live at www.dragoninnovation.com.

Hammerhead Features:

  • Compact elegant device affixes to universal handlebar mounts to conveniently guide bike rides
  • Download the iPhone® or Android® app to receive crowd sourced route suggestions based on preferences
  • App pairs with mobile device via Bluetooth Smart, allowing phones to remain safely stashed away with the screen turned off
  • Users can immediately send their favorite routes to one another, and compete on the speed or duration of their rides in real time
  • First device to work with major bike share companies like Bixi and B-Cycle for bike rental station navigation
  • Also doubles as a bike headlight, lasting for 15 hours
New Early Bird Hammerhead Discounted Hammerhead Hammerhead + Bike Share Clip Hammerhead Double Pack Limited Edition T
Dragon Innovation: $68 Dragon Innovation: $75 Dragon Innovation: $78 Dragon Innovation: $140 Dragon Innovation: $35





About Hammerhead Navigation

Hammerhead is the brainchild of Piet Morgan, a recent Yale graduate from South Africa who, while biking from Connecticut to California, realized how crucial but difficult it is to be able to find safe bike routes. The danger of this this situation became viscerally apparent when the ride claimed the lives of more than one of his Yale peers, including a fellow Yale rower. Morgan realized how absurd it was that there was no easy way to find or follow safe bike routes. He noticed bikers actually resort to taping maps to their handlebars or trying to consult their cellphones while biking. With Bluetooth Smart and the new Dragon Innovation crowd-funding platform, Hammerhead Navigation has been able to create a solution that will bring bike navigation to a variety of bikers.

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