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16 Days to Go… Light Sentry Introduces Two New Limited Pledge Levels

29 May 2014


World’s only lighting control system to rely on real-time lighting conditions to auto-adjust
will now be available for $99

Naperville, IL May 29, 2014Light Sentry announces its limited campaign specials for its fully customizable smart home lighting solution. Redefining lighting control, Light Sentry is the only device to use actual daylight to trigger on, off, and dimming functionalities for outdoor or indoor lighting and appliances.

Packaged with a Light Sentry Hub, Natural Light Sensor and Portable Power Gate and delivered to your door already programmed to your specifications, Light Sentry can now be pre-ordered on Kickstarter for $99, the MSRP is listed at $230. Light Sentry is also offering a second limited pledge level, $149 which gets users two Portable Power Gates (the Hub, Sensor and programming); the MSRP is listed at $310.

The Light Sentry components set up with ease, unlike other automated systems on the market that fully depend on frequent app updates, remote controls or limited settings based on time. The DIY design calls for the Sensor to be placed in any area around your home with sunlight exposure, the Portable Power Gate to be plugged into any outlet, and the Hub to sync with any PC or Mac for personal “light style” preferences.

Light Sentry is estimated to save consumers 32% in energy for a single 60 watt bulb used five hours per day.

The Light Sentry project has been live on Kickstarter for 13 days. The Light Sentry production goal is $200,000.

*Proprietary Hub Sensor to customize home lighting based on actual conditions

“We are almost half way through our campaign and are determined to provide pledgers with funding levels that suit their needs, offering the most cost-effective means of securing this one-of-a-kind smart home solution,” commented Bill Dorn, Founder, Sonne Industries LLC and the Light Sentry. “The Light Sentry is meant to bring simplicity to home automation, while saving time and money. We want to make this product a success and place the missing piece to the puzzle of lighting-automation…having sunlight/darkness trigger lighting events, not just time.  After all, do the headlights on your car turn on when they are needed for safety and convenience or, when the clock says it sunset?”

About Sonne Industries LLC

On the surface, Light Sentry is about nature-and-need working together to create a convenient, safer living space. At its heart, Light Sentry is about creating – and sharing– low-cost, smart-solution technology that promotes convenience, enhances safety and delivers long-term savings.

What if the life of a single light bulb could be extended by 20? What if the draw on the local power grid could be reduced?  Even more impressive, what if yearly electric bills could be reduced by half or more? Led by Bill Dorn, Founder, CEO and President of Sonne Industries, it was these very questions that first brought Light Sentry to light – and to life.  Extensive research supports the vision.

The parent company of Light Sentry, Sonne Industries LLC was founded in 2007, with the development and patenting of Light Sentry following soon after. Currently led by Bill and Bob Cavanaugh (CFO), and Dan Tarullo (Business Development), Sonne Industries develops cutting-edge, life-changing technology advancements that are the cornerstones of the Light Sentry family of products.

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