Adero Releases New Starter Kit for $79

20 Feb 2019

Adero Releases New Starter Kit for $79

Adero, today named one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies,” turns any bag into a smart bag that keeps you organized with an alert to tell you if your things are with your bag.


Santa Barbara, CA. – February 20, 2019 Adero – the first-ever intelligent organization system that turns any bag into a smart bag to make sure you have what you need – announces availability of its sub-$100 Starter Kit, available today on Adero makes travel, going to and from work and even managing a family’s worth of stuff super simple by making sure your bag is loaded with the things you need wherever you go. Just press your bag’s Smart Tag and it will glow green when all of your essentials are packed, or light up red to let you know something is missing before you head out.

Adero’s mission to lead consumers away from the chaotic lost-and-found mindset and instead towards a more proactively organized life has caught the eye of Fast Company, who’s named Adero to their annual list of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2019” in the Consumer Electronics category.

The new Starter Kit allows users to begin building their intelligent Adero network by attaching the Smart Tag and three Taglets onto their everyday bag and essentials that go inside of it. Simply place a Smart Tag on your bag and attach the Taglets to your most important things. Now all your Taglets are in constant communication, letting you know if your essentials are with your bag with the touch of the Smart Tag or tap of the app. Adero will also send you proactive push notifications, letting you know if your things are together so you can grab what’s missing before it’s too late.

If you’d like to expand your intelligent organization system and keep more things organized, Adero offers larger Standard and Deluxe kits, as well as additional Smart Tags and Taglets packages, to fit all of your life’s bags and needs.

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About Adero

Adero vows to help you keep it together by giving your things the ability to be there when you need them most. The Southern California tech company wants you to lead a less stressful life by taking away the need to worry about your things. Adero makes your things intelligent so you can stay organized.

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